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About Us

We are a Baptist Church situated at Lisieux in Normandy


We had our first service in September 2005 when about a dozen people met in Francis and Diane Dognon’s kitchen in Lisieux. Bit by bit, others joined this house church until we ran out of space! In January 2006, we started meeting in a hotel until this too became too small. So in September 2006, the church rented an old wine cellar in the heart of Lisieux, right next to the train station.

It’s here in this property that we now hold our services (every Sunday afternoon at 3pm), along with the other church activities: kid’s club, youth groups, church meals, prayer meetings, Alpha courses, and prayer chains.

The Source is part of the family of churches called the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France (F.E.E.B.F.). As a Baptist Church, our beliefs are very important. We try to find a good balance between the Word of God and His Spirit in our activities.

Our vision is to serve the Lexovian (Lisieux) community and work together with the other churches in the town. We have in place a team of people who enable the church to function at several levels.

Becoming a member is a significant step and we want to help you in this choice.

The Baptist Churches are officially recognised as Cultural Associations which conform to the Law of 9 December 1905. The social and cultural aspects of the local church are officially cultural associations in accordance with the Law of 1 July 1901. 

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Eglise de la source 26, rue de la gare 14100 - LISIEUX
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