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Become a member

Become a member

 How do I become a member of The Source?

Those who visit our church and wish to join us on our adventure go through a process that we’ve developed and improved over recent months. We encourage new people to join a new members group. These groups meet over 5 weeks. We share a meal together followed by a little teaching in small discussion groups. This has multiple advantages: 1. It enables people to get to know the leaders of the church and the leaders to get to know the new members

2. It enables all those who are new to the church to belong to a group and begin to get to know others more quickly than would happen without this meeting.

3. We get to explain the church's vision and our objectives, so that all find out where we are going as a church.

4.We can ask new people to pray for assurance as to whether their place should be with us or elsewhere.

 laWe cover topics such as fellowship, growth, spiritual gifts, vision and plans of the church. We explain what it means to become a member. On signing up, a new member accepts the . confession of faith (along with the statutes), some information on the Baptist Federation and on our church.

ISo you see there is a period of a few weeks from a person’s first visit to the church to when he or she takes the decision to come on board. This 5 week course enables a mutual commitment to ripen, based on a reciprocal relationship as well as a better understanding of the church and its workings.

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